Pumping system design and troubleshooting, well design and
troubleshooting, well location, aquifer testing, drilling field support,
piping design, water rights support, hydrologic interpretation of
geology/geologic models, general hydrologic support, etc.

Basic Data Management - Well Completion Data, Water Levels, Chemistry,
Pump/Motor System Info, QA/QC

Water Right Support - Waivers, Extension of Times, Proof of Beneficial Use,
Pumpage Report, Water Level Report

Basic Fieldwork - Water Level Acquisition, Water Sampling, Pump Data
Monitoring, Setting Data Loggers/Pressure Transducers

Aquifer Testing and Data Analysis - Pump, Spinner, Injection, Slug Tests,
Graphs, Maps, Reports, Calculations

Root Cause Failure Analysis - Downhole Pump/Motor Failure, Well Failure,
Well Rehabilitation, Training

Develop Dewatering/Production Programs - with on-site training

ASPEN Client Sample:
General Moly
Robinson Nevada Mining Company
White Pine County
Phil Henry
Sumitomo Metal Mining



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